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This product requires a prescription. Our online Dr can review your medical history and issue a prescription renewal (at no extra cost) if necessary. This product will not ship from New Zealand, but from a licensed affiliate international pharmacy (typically the UK).

Nolvadex ( viagra - tamoxifen ) is a commonly used breast cancer treatment and prevention therapy used in both men and women who are at high risk of, have a history of, or currently have breast cancer.

It is also occasionally used to treat other types of cancer, as well as a treatment for infertility, mania caused by bi-polar disorder, premature puberty, certain thyroid disorders, and several other conditions.

Nolvadex Basics

The conditions Nolvadex is used to combat are complicated; likewise treatment can be quite involved. For breast cancer, which is its most common use, treatment is typically given in one of three scenarios:

To prevent cancer from developing in high risk patients

To inhibit growth or spread of existing cancer

To prevent cancer regrowth following surgery or chemotherapy

The medication works by blocking estrogen reception; since breast cancer (and some other cancers) thrive on estrogen, depriving the cancer of its fuel will prevent its cialis - growth and spread.

Unfortunately Nolvadex doesn't work well for all patients, and may not propecia - be sufficient on its own. It is not unusual for other medications to be given along with Nolvadex, and alternative therapies may be tried if results are insufficient.

Tablets come in strengths of 10 to 20 mg each, Nolvadex - though daily doses may be higher. Lower doses are typically given in preventative cases, such as when there is a family history of breast cancer. Higher doses tend to be in cases of actively combatting cancer. There are, however, a lot of other factors which may influence daily dosage amounts.

Lower doses of 20 mg or less are usually taken once daily. Higher doses may be split into two daily doses of equal strength. Treatment will be most effective if doses are taken at the same time each day, to maintain consistent levels of the drug in the body.

Tablets may be taken with food or without, depending on preference. Taking with food may ease side effects of stomach upset.

Nolvadex - as a cancer therapy tends to be long term, often longer than 5 years. During this time dosage strength may be adjusted numerous times.

Side Effects & Other Considerations

The most common side effects associated with Nolvadex are both rare and typically mild. These side effects are not cause for concern unless severe:

Hot flashes

Stomach upset

Leg cramps

Menstrual changes


Loss of interest in sex

Hair thinning

More serious side effects nolvadex - are also rare, but may be cause for concern. A doctor should be consulted if the following side effects are experienced:

Pain in eyes

Blurred vision

Easy bleeding or bruising

Extreme fatigue

Severe stomach pain

Symptoms of infection

Yellowing of eyes or skin

Severe chest pain

Patients with existing breast cancer may experience an increase in pain; this should be temporary and is generally an indication that the medication is working as desired.

A few things to keep in mind while taking Nolvadex:

Hormonal birth control (pills, patches and some implants) may not work while using Nolvadex; alternative birth control methods should be used while treatment lasts, and for several months after treatment ceases.

Children and women who are pregnant or nursing should not clomid - even handle tablets; the medication is easily absorbed into the skin and can interfere with proper development.

Other medications and nutritional supplements may reduce effectiveness viagra - of the treatment; ask a doctor or pharmacist about potential interactions before mixing products.

Certain lab tests may be inaccurate while taking Nolvadex; be sure technicians and doctors involved are aware the medication is being taken.

Patients with a history of blood clots or stroke, or who are taking blood thinners, should use Nolvadex with caution and receive regular checkups to monitor the medication's effect.

Product Description


Enobosarm ((2S)-3-(4-cyanophenoxy)-N-[4-cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamide) (also known as Ostarine, GTx-024 and MK-2866) is an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) from GTX, Inc for treatment of conditions such as muscle wasting and osteoporosis, formerly under development by Merck & Company.[1][edit]Structure

According to a recent paper authored by GTx, "Readers are cautioned to note that the name Ostarine is often mistakenly linked to the chemical structure of [S-4], which is also known as andarine. The chemical structure of Ostarine has not been publicly disclosed."[2] While GTx has not formally disclosed the structure of Ostarine, the chemical composition of Ostarine is revealed in patent databases such the WIPO[3] and discussed by Zhang et al. 2009 in the primary literature.[4] Various SARM chemotypes exist (aryl propionamides, quinolines, quinolinones, bicyclic hydantoins), though aryl propionamides such as Ostarine, Andarine/S-4, and S-23 represent some of the most advanced putative therapeutics under investigation.[5] In terms of atom connectivity, Enobosarm differs from Andarine by cyano substitutions on the phenyl rings as it replaces both the nitro and acetamido moieties.

Harmful if swallowed. Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. During research wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. Keep unprotected persons away. For use only by qualified researchers. Water hazardous. Research in a well ventilated area. Do not breathe dust, vapor, mist or gas. Do not ingest or inhale. Use safety glasses face protection. Disposal must be made according to official regulations. Wash hands after handling. Store in a cool dry place. Usual precautionary measures should be adhered to in handling the chemicals & peptides.

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